Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today's Lesson: Inside and Outside...

Lesson:  Inside and Outside
Objective: Location

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Teacher Training For The Early Childcare Specialist/Teacher/Director!


Autumn 2013

Teacher Training For The Early Childcare Specialist/Teacher/Director!


1. Health & Safety 2.5 credit hours – " Bloodborne Pathogens"

2.  Nutrition - 2.0 credit hours - Caring For The Vegan & Vegetarian Child

3.  Health & Safety - 2.5 credit hours - "Allergies In Children"

4.  Curriculum 2.5 credit hours – "Curriculum & Lesson Planning"

5.  Professional Development - 2.5 credit hours – "Positive Teacher & Parent Interaction"

6.  Growth & Development - 2.5 credit hours 

7.  Program Administration - 2.0 credit hours 

Classes can be scheduled as an on site or webinar presentation.

Classes are designed to meet the DSS training requirements for staff in a private or public day care facility, group, &/or family day care homes.

​Two (2)or Two and a half (2.5) credit hours will be awarded for each training class.

Call today & register your school for private training classes &/or professional growth activities.

864 477 9885

It's A New School Year!

For some the new school year has began and for others it going to start in a few days.

This year I CAN LEARN will be sharing safety information for keeping children safe and protected.   We will continue to educate and train teachers.  And most of all learn and grow with our children and youth.

Today check out our new printables and worksheets at

REMEMBER To Plan, Do, & Review with your students and children this year!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keeping Children Safe...

Greetings and welcome new friends!
This school year I CAN LEARN continue to educate and train parents and teachers on caring and educating children naturally and safely!

This year's theme is "Keeping Children Safe". As the new school year begins and throughout the year I CAN LEARN will share safety tips for infants, children, teens, and young adults