Friday, January 2, 2015

The Letter Kk

Letter Kk

Language Arts


* Recognize letter visually by name.
* Recognize letter sound, when saying words that begin with Kk.

Identify the Letter Kk within the alphabet.

Keeping K’s – Find a K, Keep a k.

Needed: 20 Index Cards, 1 Marker

Write upper case K’s and lower case k’s on index cards (5 cards with upper case” K” and 5 cards with lower case” k”). Write letters of choice on the remaining cards.

Instructions: Place all cards on the table facing up.

Explain to children that you would like them to find and keep all of the letter “Kk” cards. 

Sign Language
- Alphabet, Words & Phrases.
- The Letter Kk


The Letter Kk sound - "King"

Words that Begin with Kk- works sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Sound out and read words first and then have children sound and read words: king, kid, kit, key, keep...


“K Is For King" by I CAN LEARN!
Read to child or children.
Ask children about the story. Have them give their interpretation of the story.

Pre-writing and Writing

Tracing / Writing the Letter Kk
Ask child or children to trace or write the letter Kk on worksheets

I Can Learn Pre-School & Kindergarten