Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Letter O

Letter Oo

Language Arts

* Recognize letter visually by name.
* Recognize letter sound, when saying words that begin with Oo.

Identify the Letter O within the alphabet.

Sign Language
- Alphabet, Words & Phrases.
- The Letter O

The Letter O sound - "ox"

Words that Begin with O - works sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Sound out & read words first & then have children sound & read words: "off, on, out…

"O is for Ocean" by I CAN LEARN
Read to child or children.
Ask children about the story. Have them give their interpretation of the story.

Fine Motor Skills

Tracing / Writing the Letter O
Ask child or children to trace or write the letter Oo on worksheets.
Draw or dot Oo's several times across line paper, on 2 or more lines.

I Can Pre-School & Kindergarten

O's on O - Write the letter O on sheets of construction paper. Make enough for each child to get a sheet of paper. Give each child a small cup of “o-shaped” cereal.  Ask children to trace the letter O by gluing the cereal on the letter.


* Ability to hold cup
* Identifying the letter Oo

O Prints - Students will make "o" prints by dipping cups into paint and then printing "o's" onto paper using cups with paint on rim.

Color The Letter O - Use worksheet by I CAN LEARN.


*Identify numbers by name
*Ability to count from 0 - 20



Counting 1-20 - Ask students to count from 1 - 20.  Call one student at a time to count form 1 to 20.  Then have children count all together.


O is for Oval  
The number 0 (zero) is an oval.

O is for Octagon - How many sides does an octagon have?

Writing - Fine Motor Skills

Tracing Number 15 - Have children trace the numbers 1 to 5 on line paper.

Writing the number 15


Understanding opposites by exploring the concept of "empty and full".

Opposites in the sand - Children will explore the concept of "empty and full".

Materials Needed: Sand, cups and bowls of different sizes.  Ask child to fill some cups and bows with sand and leave the rest empty.  Now explore the concept of “empty and full”.

O is for Oceanchildren will make an ocean with the help of teacher

1. An ocean in a bag

Materials Needed: Sandwich bag, markers, sand, ¼- ½ of water.

Pour sand into sandwich bag. Seal bag.  On the outside of bag draw fish and other sea animals.  Pour water into bag.  Seal immediately.  Hold up and see the ocean in the bag.

2. Ocean – 2D/3D picture made with construction paper.
Trace and or Draw ocean animals and creatures.  Cut them out and paste on blue construction paper.  Use brown for the ocean floor (sand).

Material Needed: Templates, Construction paper, glue, and scissors.

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