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Letter Ww

Letter Ww

Language Arts

* Recognize letter visually by name.
* Recognize letter sound when saying words that begin with Ww.


Identify the Letter Ww within the alphabet.

Sign Language
- Alphabet, Words and Phrases.
- The Letter Ww


The Letter Ww sound - "win"

Words that Begin with Ww – use works sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Sound out and read words first.  Then ask children to sound out and read words: was, way, we, well, wet, win...


"Weather" by I CAN LEARN
Read to child or children.
Ask children about the story. Have them give their interpretation of the story.

Pre-Writing and Writing

Tracing and Writing the Letter Ww
Ask child or children to trace or write the letter Ww on worksheets.

I Can Pre-School & Kindergarten


*Identify numbers by name
*Ability to count from 0 - 25


6. Counting & Writing

Counting Numbers – Ask children to count from 1 - 25.  Call one child at a time to count form 1 to 25 and then ask everyone to count together.

Writing The Number 24 - Have children trace and write the number 24 on line paper.


When the wind blows objects move.
To understand that weather conditions change.

7. The Weather

Make the Wind Blow - Ask children to blow certain objects to find out which ones they can move by blowing on them.

What's The Weather - Read about and talk about different kinds of weather. Ask children to look outside and see what the weather is like.  Ask children; is it sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy or snowy?

Make a weather chart. Use different colored construction paper. Trace & cut out templates.  Make four sections one for each weather type.  Have children paste a sun & grass for the sunny section, paste clouds in the cloudy section, paste clouds & rain drops in the rainy section, & paste snow, & snowflakes in the snowy section.

*Water is good for you.
*Learning to eat healthy.

W Is For Water – Water is necessary for life.  The body is75% water and so is the earth.   Drinking water keeps the body healthy, hydrated, and clean.  People should drink lots of water every day. 

“W” Foods – Watermelon, Watercress, Water Chestnuts

Read about these foods.  Find pictures of these foods in old magazines and cut them out.  Ask children to make a collage from the pictures found in magazines.

Fine Motor Skills:  Activities & Work


*Fine Motor Skills Development

8.  Cutting, Drawing and Pasting

What Will I Wear?

Cut out templates (girl &/or boy, shirt, skirt, pants, shoes, and socks). Or draw your own girl and boy and cloths.

Paste girl or boy paper-figure on colored construction paper, then paste shirt and skirt or pants on figure along with socks and shoes. Also paste on eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Use yarn for hair. Label clothing and discuss what the boy or girl is wearing.

Decorate the letter W - Print or enough “W” pages for each child.  Ask children what letter is on printed on the page.  Help them remember letter if necessary.
Ask children to color or decorate the letter “W”.

Gross Motor Skills Activities & Movements:

*Gross Motor Skills Development.

Music & Movement

9. Music 
“What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

10. Movement

The Wave Dance 

Children can wave with their arms and bodies.

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