Wednesday, February 13, 2013

R Is For Refrigerator!

R Is For Refrigerator
The refrigerator was invented by John Standard, an African inventor born in America.

Refrigerators keep food and drinks fresh and cold.

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Science Project

R is for refrigerator

2k -4k
1    1.  Take a trip to the kitchen and observe a refrigerator.
2    2.  Ask children to describe what a refrigerator is used for.

       How a refrigerator works
1     1.  Materials needed: 1 large plastic container, 1 small or medium plastic container, 3 ice-trays of    
2     2.  Place smaller container in larger container.  Fill the larger container with ice.  Allow to get cold.     
            Place a piece of fruit in the smaller container. Cover large container. Open after 20 minutes.  Ask  
            children to fill the inside of the smaller container and the piece of fruit.


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