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The Letter V v...

Letter Vv

Language Arts


* Recognize letter visually by name.
* Recognize letter sound, when saying words that begin with Vv.

Identifying the Letter Vv within the alphabet.

Sign Language
- Alphabet, Words & Phrases.
- The Letter  Vv


The Letter Vv sound.  – “van”

Words that Begin with Vv- works sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Sound out & read words first & then have children sound & read words: van, vet, vegetable, video, victory...


"Vusi's Vegetable Garden" by I CAN LEARN
Read to child or children.
Ask children about the story. Have them give their interpretation of the story.

Fine Motor Skills

Tracing / Writing the Letter Vv

Ask child or children to trace or write the letter Vv on worksheets



*Identify numbers by name
*Ability to count from 0 - 25



Counting Numbers - Ask students to count from 1 - 25.  Call one student at a time to count form 1 to 20.  & have children count all together

Writing The Number 14 - Have children trace the number 22 on line paper.

Counting V's - Children will count the number of v's on the page & then trace the letter Vv.


“V is for Vegetable” Game – Print out I CAN LEARN the “V is for Vegetable” Game. 

To keep the game sturdy paste picture pages onto construction paper or poster board.
Allow to dry.  Keep 3 sheets whole and cut the pictures of vegetables from the 3 remaining picture pages out.  There should be 3 veggie boards and 12 picture cards.

Allow children to match picture cards to the pictures on the boards.

Fine Motor Skills:  Activities & Work



Fine Motor Skills Development

Vegetable Garden – Children will make a vegetable picture garden.

Materials Needed: construction paper, glue, scissors, and a little imagination to  make a vegetable garden.

Teacher Preparation: Draw or trace vegetables on construction paper. Cut out vegetables. Make sure there are enough veggies for each child to have at least four different kinds of vegetables (Ex: a tomato, potato, carrot, celery, corn and or broccoli.)

Instructions: Give each child one sheet of blue construction for background.  Ask children to choose which vegetables they would like to “grow”.

Once everyone has a background page and at least 4 vegetables, ask children to paste their vegetables to their background pages. Now the garden is complete.

Once everyone is finishes allow pictures to dry.


Gross Motor Skills Activities & Movements:

*Gross Motor Skills Development.

Volleyball -  Make a straight line with a jump rope or long piece of yarn. Arrange children into two teams. Ask “team 1” to stand to the left of the rope and ask “team 2” to stand to the right of the rope.  Leave the rope in the between the two teams. Ask one child from “team 1” to be the server.  Explain to them that he or she must serve the ball to “team 2”. Let “team 2” know that someone must hit the ball back to the “team 1” side.  Allow each team and child a chance at serving the ball.

Music & Movement

Music :  
African Diaspora

Dance: Free movement & dance help stimulate gross motor skills.

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