Saturday, September 28, 2013

Childcare Provider Professional Growth Activities - Culver City, CA

Childcare Provider Professional Growth Activities  - Culver City, CA



Professional Growth Activities For Child Care Providers, Teachers, and Specialists...

• Curriculum & Instruction in Early Childhood Education - "Curriculum & Lesson Planning"?
• Child Growth and Development -" Positive Indicators of Stages of Development in Infants and
• Multicultural Education / Diversity Pre - K- Lessons on Africa with "When We Were Kings and
Queens" - African ABC Book for 2 - 5 year olds.
• Working with Parents and Families - "Positive Teacher & Parent Interaction"
• Child Health (Obesity/Nutrition, Asthma, Oral Health, etc.) - "Caring For The Vegan and Vegetarian
• Career Development in Early Care and Education -TBA
• Administration of Early Childhood Programs - TBA

Classes are designed to meet Child Care Licensing training requirements for staff in a private or public day care facility, group, &/or family day care homes.
Two (2)or Two and a half (2.5) credit hours will be awarded for each activity.
Certificates of Completion are awarded to those participants who successfully complete activity.

Create your plan and/or your centers plan today!


Nanny Professional Growth Activities Are Also Available.


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