Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Letter "Ll"...

Today's and this week's letter Is "Ll"

Theme: Lions, Lions, Lions

Use the following lesson plan as a classroom supplement plan or use it as a primary plan.
You may add to lesson plan or only use a few ideas.  It's up to every parent/teacher.

Have a wonderful time learning and teaching.

Letter Ll

Language Arts


* Recognize letter visually by name.
* Recognize letter sound, when saying words that begin with Ll.

Identifying the Letter Ll

Sign Language
- Alphabet, Words & Phrases.
- The Letter Ll


The Letter Ll sound - "leg"

Words that Begin with Ll - works sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Sound out & read words first & then have children sound & read words: leg, let, lit, lift, little, live, love

Letter L Letters – Write a letter to each child.  Each letter should have “L” printed on it.

Explain to children that a letter is a written or printed message addressed to a person, group, business, or organization.
A letter includes the date, and signature of the person the message is from. It is either mailed or given by hand.

After child gets the letter and opens it ask him or her which alphabet letter is printed on the paper.


L Is For Light Bulbby I Can Learn
Read to child or children.
Ask children about the story. Have them give their interpretation of the story.

Fine Motor Skills

Tracing / Writing the Letter Ll
Ask child or children to trace or write the letter Ll on worksheets

Let’s Lace – create lacing cards or materials. (card board or poster board)


Card board or Poster board
Shoe laces
Hole puncher

I Can Pre-School & Kindergarten



*Identify numbers by name
*Ability to count from 0 - 20



Counting Numbers - Ask students to count from 1 - 20.  Call one student at a time to count form 1 to 20.  & have children count all together

Writing The Number 12 - Have children trace the number 11 on line paper.

Let It Role - Children will have a chance to roll a block with numbers on each side.
Whatever number is rolled, a child will have to jump up that many times.


Let It Shine - Students will have a chance to find out what materials, & objects allow light to shine through them.

Learn the difference between transparent & non-transparent materials.

Materials Needed: Flashlight, Tissue Paper, Construction Paper, Paper Towel, & Piece of cloth fabric.

Leaves - Take a nature walk and find different kinds of leaves.  Once inside ask children to describe the color of their leaves and what the leaves look like.  Afterwards, ask children to make a collage with the leaves found on the nature walk.

Light Bulb - Read “L Is For Light Bulb” by I CAN LEARN

Fine Motor Skills:  Activities & Work


Fine Motor Skills Development

L is for Lion – Ask children to color a picture of a lion in the I CAN LEARN workbook.
Ask children to make a lion with lion template (L is for lion art project).

Gross Motor Skills Activities & Movements:

*Gross Motor Skills Development.

Music & Movement

Music :  
African Diaspora

Dance: Free movement & dance - help stimulate gross motor skills.


Tracing The Letter L

Lion Count

Color The Lion 

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