Monday, September 9, 2013

Keeping Children Protected and Safe At School...

I CAN LEARN Presents "Child Alert" A Parents Guide For Keeping Children Protected and Safe!

Now that school has began let's keep a watchful eye on our children. Remember our children are our responsibilities. The school and babysitter will only say sorry when something goes wrong.

Remember the following for keeping children safe at school.

a. Drive children to school or ride with them if they need to use public transportation (cab, bus, and/or train).
b. Hold hands while walking to school when taking young children to school.
c. Sign children in and make sure child makes it to his or her class or homeroom.
d. Volunteer to be a chaperon for field trips.
e. Volunteer at schools (teacher aid, coach, teacher, activities manager, etc.).
f. Pick-up children from school. Be there on time(before the bell rings).

excerpt from "Child Alert: A Parents Guide for Keeping Children Protected and Safe!" (app and book)

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